Hit of the 80’s Helped to Return the Memory and Inspired to Write Adventure Book


British author Thomas Leeds has recently published his debut novel for middle grade children, “Jayben and the Golden Torch”. It is a compelling novel , which has received critical acclaim from authors such as Lee Newbery and Lizzie Huxley-Jones.

The Inspiration for a novel

The inspiration for “Jayben and the Golden Torch” came from Thomas Leeds’ personal experience of memory loss. In his late teens, he was hit by a London Black Cab. Although he survived, his childhood memories were wiped out, and he had to start from scratch and to face new and tough questions about himself and his life. Leeds found it challenging to adjust to a new life without any recollection of his past.

“There was so much to learn and with every answer came more questions; soon, the questions became bigger and tougher. What am I going to do with my life? How can I get a job when I don’t remember school? Who am I, really? In my bedroom I found a drawer crammed full of artwork, essays and scripts with my name on them. I didn’t recognise any of it.”

“I went to a lot of the places I was told I had been to as a child, all the parks and shops and old schools. But as time went on, the boy with my name in so many stories and grainy photographs remained another person in another world”

Rediscovering Memories

11 years later while creating an ’80s playlist for his 30th birthday, Thomas heard a Waterboys’ song, The Whole of the Moon, it brought back memories of his past. His experience inspired him to write a book that would help others going through similar challenges.

Thomas is now 39, living in Essex with his wife and two daughters. He managed to rebuild his life and achieve his dream of becoming a writer.

“Jayben and the Golden Torch”

Novel “Jayben and the Golden Torch” tells the story of a boy who wakes up in the Elf world without any clue who he is . He has only a mysterious golden torch he pulls from his pocket, engraved with one name: JAYBEN.

“Jayben and the Golden Torch” is a modern classic of children’s fantasy. The book is not only an entertaining adventure but also a powerful message of hope, friendship and perseverance, demonstrating that whatever pages are missing in one’s story, one can always be the hero on the next page.. The novel is the first of a new series, and readers can expect more thrilling adventures from author Thomas Leeds in the future.