Air Tanzania’s New Cargo Aircraft: Meeting Global Demands


Air Tanzania Corporation Limited (ATCL) is set to launch the B767-300F cargo aircraft, and players in the export trade sector are optimistic about the opportunities it presents. Provided the state-owned airline’s timely flight operations, it will be competitive in global markets.

Fresh Goods Flow Relies on Timely Departure

Quality Assurance Manager for Victoria Perch Limited, Mr Edwin Okong’o, noted that timely departures mean fresh goods flow to clients in Europe. He explained that once the flight is delayed, clients miss the market, resulting in goods freezing costs and a loss of freshness. This is particularly challenging because most consignments have a specific time frame, mostly 14 days after parking, to be in Europe. Thus, flight delays have a direct impact on the export trade sector.

Encouraging Modern Farming Activities in Tanzania

The meeting participants also saw the need to encourage modern farming activities in Tanzania to meet the growing demand for agricultural products. Participants noted that the agriculture sector plays a significant role in the availability of goods to feed the new cargo flight, which will also attract more routes globally. The representative of meat supplier Lausnicho Company Limited, Ms Peresencia Katani, stressed the importance of endless modern farming education to improve production and ensure that output meets international standards. Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Mr Adam Malima, agreed that feeding the cargo flight needs collaboration among business persons across Lake Zone.

ATCL CEO Assures Availability of Goods

ATCL CEO, Mr Ladislaus Matindi, assured the availability of goods to feed the flight from various countries, including India, which is set to import medical drugs. The CEO noted that there is high demand for beans-related farm crops in various countries, and called on Tanzanian farmers to seize such opportunities. He further highlighted that unlike in the past, Tanzanian goods will now be flown from the country itself, ensuring timely delivery to markets.