Almost 90-Year-Old Builds Own Hobbit House


An almost 90-year-old woodcutter, Stuart Grant, has built his own Hobbit house in Tomich, near Inverness, without ever watching Lord of the Rings. He bought a wrecked cottage with no roof, doors, or windows in 1984 while renovating a house. However, he enjoyed the process of renovating the quirky building so much that he decided to make it his home.

DIY project with no modern technology

Stuart Grant, who worked as a joiner and carpenter for decades, is now living almost off-grid in his handmade Hobbit house without a mobile phone or internet connection. He also no longer drives due to his age but enjoys meeting people and has been getting a lot of visitors after his house was recommended by a French tourist board.

The old house had doorways, but no doors; window frames, but no windows, and no roof either. Outside, there were only cows, chickens, and a donkey as neighbors. Stuart built everything by hand, cutting wood from fallen trees and collecting stones from the river for the stonework. He put the stairs in himself and described the process as working in “slow motion” while living in a shed near to the cabin.

Stuart’s hobbit house was originally a shoemaker’s cottage and a croft that dated back to 200 years. The house is not fancy and is made from other people’s leftovers. He loved the process of renovating the house so much that he never counted the number of years it took him to complete it. Stuart enjoyed working on the scenic beauty of the house and other thatched cottages he had seen in England.

Living a simple and fulfilling life

Despite his age, Stuart lives a simple yet fulfilling life in his handmade Hobbit house. He has never watched Lord of the Rings, but his front door is almost the same shape and made of the same kind of wood as the movie’s famous hobbit holes.

Stuart’s life is a reflection of his love for nature and simplicity. He has built a home that is not only quirky but also eco-friendly. He gets his water from a nearby stream and uses solar panels for electricity. He has even made his own heating system using wood, which he cuts himself. His life is a testament to the fact that one can be happy with simple things in life.

In conclusion, Stuart’s story is a reminder that one can create their own happiness and live a fulfilling life by following their passion, no matter how unconventional it may seem to others.