An International conference on criminal justice took place in Kyiv


An international conference on criminal justice «Probation – a new impulse of reform» was held in Kiev, dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the adoption of the Law of Ukraine «On probation». The leadership of the Ministry of Justice, European and national experts, lawyers, representatives of social organizations, and volunteers have expressed their views on possible ways to create a safe society that aspires to live without offenses. In addition, they discussed topical issues of development of the system of criminal sanctions and measures related to the use of alternative forms of imprisonment.

Probation is a progressive approach to the enforcement of non-custodial sentences. Instead, it helps offenders adapt to society. For example, perform community service. Probation is important for the state and society because it costs the state 10 times cheaper than imprisonment. In addition, society has a positive influence on the rehabilitation of the convicted person, while the latter maintains family relations, work, housing, etc.

“Our task for the next few years is to transfer our probation system to a scientific approach, because it is important in the evaluation of tools that we use in work with offenders», – said Ukrainian Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska during the opening speech.

Probation was an alternative to short-term imprisonment and had proved effective in practice. Probation already today has its improved legislation, modern IT system, progressive working tools, including risk assessment, remedial programs, and professional team. In practice, 90 percent of probation recommendations are applied in court decisions.

«Probation directions for the next few years are improvement of IT-direction, restoration of infrastructure, improvement and development of probation tools, as well as a modern and flexible system of staff training and communication with the world – Ukrainian society should learn more about the advantages of probation over the classic punishment of imprisonment», – said Deputy Minister of Justice Elena Vysotskaya.

«Adoption of the Law of Ukraine «On probation» eight years ago – a strategic decision. During this time, the system has helped thousands of our citizens and its activity does not end there. In the future we plan to improve the list of types of punishment not connected with deprivation of liberty», – said the director of the State Institution «Probation Center» Oleg Yanchuk.

It should also be noted that relevant changes in Ukrainian legislation are a key component of real reforms in the probation system.