Cameroon Women’s Convention Receives German Africa Prize for Peacebuilding


Cameroon’s 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace, a coalition of 80 member organizations, will be honored with the prestigious German Africa Prize by the German Africa Foundation. For over four decades, the foundation has fostered closer ties between Germany and Africa. Since 1993, the German Africa Prize has recognized exceptional individuals from the continent who have made significant contributions to various fields, including democracy, peace, human rights, arts and culture, economic development, science, and society.

Empowering Women for Peace in Cameroon

The 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon, established in January 2021, is an alliance that comprises 80 groups representing all ten regions of the country. It also encompasses 25 distinct social categories of women. Their unified voice aims to promote peace and resolve conflicts in Cameroon, particularly in the English-speaking regions.

Advocating for Peace and Social Support

The convention has been actively engaged in advocating for key peace-building measures. Their core demands include an immediate cease-fire, the revival of dialogue between the government and separatist groups in the English-speaking regions, the inclusion of women in the negotiation process, the strengthening of disarmament and reintegration centers, and the establishment of psychosocial support centers for victims of war in conflict-affected areas.

Recognition for Remarkable Efforts

By bestowing the German Africa Prize upon the 1st National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon, the German Africa Foundation acknowledges their vital role in advancing peace and empowering women. This influential coalition has made significant strides in advocating for dialogue, inclusion, and support for war victims. Their efforts contribute to building a more peaceful and harmonious society in Cameroon.

The German Africa Prize is a testament to the convention’s outstanding contributions to peace, demonstrating the power of collective action and the importance of recognizing the tireless work of women in promoting stability and reconciliation in conflict-ridden regions.