Digital portrait of King Charles III created with 11,000 drawings


In honor of King Charles III’s coronation a digital portrait of King Charles III has been created with more than 11,000 drawings submitted by people across the UK. The project, called The Royally Big Portrait, was spearheaded by artist Sam Barnett and benefits BBC Children in Need. The portrait is on view on a four-story interactive digital screen at the Outernet in central London.

The Royally Big Portrait was created using thousands of line-drawn profiles of the king, which were crowd-sourced from people all over Britain. Although the online submissions closed on April 28, people could still upload images via Outernet until May 8. Outernet is planning to announce the final number of submissions on May 9.

Charitable Auction

Proceeds from the auction and sales went towards the Children in Need charity that supports children in poverty or experiencing social injustices. Some funds went towards the Drawing Year Scholarship Fund.

Christie’s is holding its annual exhibition of works by students from the Drawing Year program, which was established by King Charles III in 2000. The intensive program is for 10- to 18-year-olds and offers in-person and online classes focused on observational drawing. The exhibition also features commissioned works by the Royal Drawing School and an archive of drawings made by each student after graduating.

Kevis House Gallery is selling signed limited edition lithographs of King Charles III’s watercolor paintings, accompanied by an exhibition of more than a dozen of his paintings from May 2 to 21. Sales will benefit The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund.

Positive Impact

The Royally Big Portrait project has brought together people from all over Britain to contribute to a larger-than-life digital portrait of King Charles III. The project not only showcases the creativity and talent of the people involved but also supports a charitable cause for children in need. Sales of limited edition prints and paintings further support charitable causes.