Discover African Sounds: Kamala Harris’ Playlist


US Vice-President Kamala Harris shares African music playlist of 25 tracks by African musicians on Spotify, promoting African music and cultural heritage. The playlist, titled “My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia,” predominantly features Tanzanian artists.

Unique African Music

The playlist showcases the Vice-President’s appreciation for the diverse and vibrant music scene across the African continent. It highlights some of the best musical talents from Tanzania, Ghana, and Zambia, offering a unique insight into the rich cultural heritage of the countries that Harris has visited. The mix of genres ranges from hip-hop to traditional rhythms, providing listeners with an opportunity to explore African music and discover its unique sounds and styles.

“A playlist to amplify the artists and sounds from my travels across Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia,” Kamala Harris described her playlist.

Among the Tanzanian artists are Zuchu, Alikiba, Jay Melody, Mbosso, Jux, Darassa, Marioo, and Platform.

The list also includes a collaboration between the Kenyan band Bien Aime Baraza with Sauti Sol and the Tanzanian artist Darassa.

Encouraging Music Exploration

By sharing her playlist with the world, Harris hopes to encourage others to explore African unique sounds and styles. The Vice-President’s diplomatic tour was aimed at strengthening ties with Tanzania and promoting regional cooperation. During her visit, Harris met with some artists and expressed her intention to promote African artists in international markets. She believes promoting African music in international markets can help artists reach a wider audience, thereby making their music more accessible to a global audience.

 Harris’ playlist is expected to generate more interest and attention towards African music and culture.

Significance of the Creative Industries

Harris’ playlist celebrates the continent’s creative industries, which are significant contributors to the global music industry. By showcasing African music, the Vice-President is also highlighting the potential of the continent’s creative industries. This could lead to more investments in the sector, ultimately benefiting African artists and contributing to the continent’s economic growth.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris’ playlist of African music offers listeners a unique opportunity to explore the continent’s rich cultural heritage and diverse music scene.