Gravita Tanzania Launches Waste Rubber Recycling Facility


Gravita Tanzania Limited, a subsidiary of Gravita India Limited, is pleased to announce the commencement of commercial production and recycling of waste rubber in Tanzania, East Africa. The company’s new facility has an annual capacity of approximately 3,000 metric tons in Phase-1, with plans to increase it to 6,000 metric tons in the future.

Reduced Cost of Production and Environmental Benefits

By venturing into waste rubber recycling, Gravita Tanzania Limited aims to reduce its cost of production while simultaneously minimizing its carbon footprint. The recycling process generates pyrolysis oil, which the company will utilize in-house as an alternative source of energy for recycling battery and aluminum scrap. This strategic move not only contributes to the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) vision but also improves its overall synergy in sourcing scrap materials and optimizing procurement.

The establishment of the Phase-1 recycling facility incurred a capital expenditure of Rs 3.86 crore, which Gravita Tanzania Limited successfully funded through internal accruals.

Building on the success of its Tanzania facility, Gravita India Limited has plans to replicate similar rubber recycling facilities at its other manufacturing locations worldwide. This expansion strategy aligns with the company’s vision of promoting sustainability and driving innovation in the recycling industry.

Positive Impact on the Environment and the Industry

The waste rubber recycling plant in Tanzania not only contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing waste but also provides an efficient and sustainable solution for managing rubber waste. Through its innovative recycling processes, Gravita Tanzania Limited sets a positive example for the industry, showcasing the potential for significant environmental and economic benefits.

In overall, Gravita Tanzania Limited’s initiation of commercial production and recycling of waste rubber marks a significant milestone for the company. With plans to expand its recycling capacity and replicate the success at other locations, Gravita India Limited demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practices and reinforces its position as a leading global recycling company.