Indian entrepreneurs have developed shoes that expand as children grow


Parents know that it takes at least 15 pairs of shoes for a child to grow from a toddler to a teenager. However, an Indian entrepreneur from Pune has designed an innovative solution to the problem – shoes that slowly uncurl as the child ages, reducing unnecessary manufacturing waste and saving parents money.

Intuitive Design Solves a Common Problem

The Aretto shoes were designed by Satyajit Mittal and his childhood friend Krutika Lal, with input from childhood podiatrists. They feature knitt upper with qualities that parents want for their children’s shoes – durability, flexibility, and washability. Between zero and three years old, children’s feet size changes every three months, and roughly 15 sizes are needed before attaining their final foot size at 13 years. This innovative solution helps the shoe expand as the child grows, ensuring a perfect fit.

Innovative Design Inspired by Nature

The Aretto shoes take inspiration from how a flower blooms from the bud stage to the fully-flowered stage. The transition happens organically every day, and the designers applied this concept to the shoe. The shoe flexes as per the feet, expanding accordingly as the feet grow from the front, back, or sideways. It takes the shape and contour of the child’s feet, ensuring comfort and proper foot function. Tens of thousands of nerve endings provide feedback for children to understand how to use the musculature in their feet to walk and run.

Affordable and Available Internationally

Satyajit Mittal and Krutika Lal’s shoe design provides a creative fix for a typical issue parents face – the struggle of keeping up with their children’s growing feet, which require new shoes almost every few months. With the shoes expanding as children’s feet grow, it guarantees both comfort and proper foot function. The shoes are available globally at a reasonable price.