Isabelle Clarençon performes as ‘Mirror Head’ at Dubai Metro Music Festival


Isabelle Clarençon, a talented musician from France, delighted commuters on the Dubai Metro during the third edition of the Dubai Metro Music Festival. The Festival showcased a diverse line-up of 20 local, regional, and international musicians. As part of the event, Clarençon performed as ‘Mirror Head’, a persona she created to engage with her audience using reflections and light.

The Performance of Mirror Head

Clarençon’s unique performance style involves interacting with commuters and the surrounding environment in unexpected ways. During the Festival, she used a mirror-like headpiece to create captivating reflections and shadows while playing the piano. Her live musical performance, called ‘Opio’, combines surreal movements with piano, jazz, house, and broken beat.

The festival-goers were mesmerized by Clarençon’s performance, which seamlessly blended music and interactive art. She enthused about her experience, stating that she was “blown away by the energy and diversity of the commuters. It was a truly unique opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life through my music.”

The Festival Experience

Music lovers had the chance to watch Clarençon perform at five metro stations, including Union, Mall of Emirates, Burjuman, Financial Centre, and Sobha Realty, from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Organized by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office, in partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority, the Dubai Metro Music Festival ran from 6th to 12th March.

The festival-goers were delighted to experience the unique performances of the talented musicians. The event was a celebration of music and interactive art, bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds. The Dubai Metro Music Festival has become an essential cultural event in the city, showcasing talented musicians from around the world.

The festival showcased the diverse talents of musicians and provided a platform for cultural exchange in the city.  Clarençon’s mesmerizing performance as ‘Mirror Head’ was a highlight of the festival.