Konotop Transport Department to offer free tram travel


The Konotop City Council’s executive committee has made the decision to offer free tram travel in the city. The mayor, Artem Semenikhin, has noted that this move will not result in any financial losses for the Konotop Transport Department. Instead, the decision is expected to bring some savings to the department.

To accommodate this change, the conductors who currently work in trams will switch to buses, which are becoming more prevalent in the city’s transportation network. Some employees will also be transferred to a new utility company that will be established in Konotop.

The executive committee has also decided to terminate the contract for passenger transportation on bus route 3 ahead of schedule. Going forward, the Konotop Transport Department will operate this route. Additionally, the mayor has announced that a new bus route, route 16, will be launched in the near future. The buses for this route are already available, and the city is working to hire drivers to staff them.

In related news, Warsaw has provided Konotop with 23 used Konstal 105N trams as part of humanitarian aid. These trams are no longer in operation in the Polish capital and were selected to be sent to Konotop. The arrival of these trams is expected to improve the city’s transportation network.

The decision to offer free tram travel is a significant move that is likely to be well received by residents of Konotop. It is also a positive development for the Konotop Transport Department, which will be able to allocate resources more efficiently as a result of the changes.

Overall, the Konotop City Council’s executive committee has made a series of decisions that are expected to benefit the city’s transportation network. These decisions reflect a commitment to improving public transportation in Konotop and providing residents with reliable, affordable, and convenient travel options.