Lebanese Student Builds Wind Turbine from Scrap Materials


A 25-year-old Lebanese student, Mohamad Sabsabi, has taught himself engineering to build a wind turbine on his grandmother’s roof in Akkar, a northwest governate of Lebanon. Due to hyperinflation, Sabsabi had to drop out of university, and with government-supplied electricity being unreliable, solar panels have become a common alternative for electricity generation in the region. However, Sabsabi wanted to take advantage of the wind when the sun is behind the clouds and built a wind turbine from scrap materials.

Building the Wind Turbine

Sabsabi used old water drums, steel beams, and a cart wheel to build the turbine. He learned how to do this by using YouTube videos, books, and scientific articles. The wind turbine he built is currently working and producing electricity. Sabsabi is optimistic about the prospect of a north-Lebanon wind industry developing in the wake of his invention, which he is eager to share with his neighbors.

Providing an Easy Solution

Many households without solar panels in the region are left without power for all but one or two hours during the day. Wind turbines can be made from scrap materials, apart from the electrical components, making them an easy solution for households to generate their own electricity. Sabsabi hopes that his invention will encourage more people to consider wind power as an alternative to solar panels.

Looking to the Future

Sabsabi’s invention is a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of people in the face of adversity. His optimistic outlook and desire to share his knowledge with his neighbors are inspiring. Sabsabi’s wind turbine demonstrates that even with limited resources and education, it is possible to create innovative solutions to challenges. With more investment and support, the wind industry in Lebanon could provide a sustainable and reliable source of energy for households in the country.