Local Investor Plans to Build 22 Hotels in Tanzania


Local investor, Wellworth Group, is increasing its investment in Tanzania’s hospitality industry. The investor has ten projects planned that will create around 200 jobs in the country. The projects range from luxury safari lodges to regular hotels and beach resorts. Three ultra-luxury lodges, including Serengeti Lake Magadi Lodge, Serengeti Grumeti Lodge, and Tarangire Lakeview Lodge, are among the upcoming projects.

22 hotels in two years

Wellworth Group Director, Zulfikar Ismail, announced that the company has a total of 22 hotels planned for Tanzania over the next two years, making them a unique and extensive hotel company in the country. All their hotels are owned and operated entirely by Tanzanians. Some of the hotels named will be operational by the beginning of next year, and the others are under construction.

Positive impact on the economy and environment

The company’s investment in the country provides 525 jobs and contributes to the national income in various ways. Through Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) alone, the company has contributed a total of US$2,742,798 in the past three years. The figure is equivalent to over TZS 6.5bn through the hotels and tourist lodges owned by the company. Other hotels under renovation and construction include Kunduchi Beach Hotel, Zanzibar Beach Resort, Serengeti Lake Magadi Lodge, Mikumi Wildlife Lodge, and Zanzibar Whispering Palms.

Increase in tourists

The country has seen an increase of 48.8% in tourists between January and February this year compared to the same period last year. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the country received 290,896 tourists between January and February this year, with 32% entering through Zanzibar. The increased number of international visitors is attributed to various reasons, including the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown by most countries and the continued government’s effort to promote tourism attractions within and outside the country.

Wellworth Group of Companies’ investment in Tanzania’s hospitality industry is not only creating jobs but also contributing to the national income and supporting the environment.