LutinX blockchain certified badge has been issued to all the participants of Digital Innovation Days


The three days of events and innovation that is taking place in Milan at the Talent Garden Milano Calabiana sees an army of innovators coming from all over Italy and beyond to talk about Tik Tok, Instagram and Metaverse. There are innovatory speakers and innovatory listeners of every science: from the future urban vision, to the hybrid approach to work, to the activist lawyer and to the online psychologist, all of them will be present.

The event has seen a rich panel and a very rich parterre of users of all ages united by a unique novelty at European level.

Here the complete information:

All the participants will receive a badge issued by LutinX with blockchain technology. Each speaker and each participant will be able to show they really took part at the event, because blockchain technology is incontrovertible. Thanks to the patented certification system to legally guarantee the data, whatever they are, and to the vision of the creators of the 24PR & EVENTS event, for the very first time in Europe an event will see all its participants certified.

LutinX is an international company that offers a patented system for legally certifying data, whatever it is. Its technological heart natively offers Blockchain technology, a proprietary environment for verifying personal identity and unique applications developed in compliance with AML and Privacy regulations. In a world full of offers, LutiniX has specialized in digital data certification, focusing its growth in the areas of Culture, Education and Sport in compliance with all European standards LutinX is the natural technological partner for the digital transition in compliance with environment and PNRR and offers specific auditing solutions for each activity that can be financed. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence with LutinX are within everyone’s reach for a true governance of knowledge and data.

Milan, 28 october 2022
LutinX blockchain certified badge has been issued to all the participants of Digital Innovation Days

We are extremely happy that our blockchain data certification system is being put at the service of ever-changing opportunities

says Alessandro Civati, CEO of LutinX.

The choice of 24PR & EVENTS demonstrates a vision of the future that goes beyond the futuristic
panels of this event and takes the form of an act that remains true collective innovation.

Alessandro is also one of the speakers of the Digital Innovation Days and on October 28 he talks about blockchain within the Panel “InFormazione”, chaired by Francesco La Macchia, CEO of Dot Academy