Lviv First-year Students Designe Unique Smart Cane for the Visually Impaired


Lviv Polytechnic National University’s first-year students have designed a groundbreaking smart cane for partially sighted individuals. This cane operates autonomously, setting it apart from similar products.

In a bid to equip students for the tech market and entrepreneurial ventures, the Lviv IT Cluster has been working to revamp bachelor’s programs. These efforts have borne fruit as first-year students showcase their ingenious tech projects.

The team leader, Melania Voloshynska, explained that they conducted surveys to identify users’ needs, discovering that detecting stairs and curbs was a priority. To address this, the smart cane features a distance sensor at the bottom. When an obstacle is about two steps away, the sensor sends a signal to the handle, which starts vibrating. If the distance is less than a step, an audible beep is emitted. Additionally, the cane offers voice search functionality and is foldable for easy transport. The prototype, made of 3D-printed plastic, is durable, but the team aims to enhance it further by manufacturing with aluminum.

Efficient Assistance for UAV Pilots

First-year students from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv have developed the HORUS app, utilizing artificial intelligence to assist UAV pilots. This innovative app identifies enemy targets, retrieves their coordinates, and sends the data to the interactive battlefield mapping system. Notably, the app can recognize various types of enemy vehicles, distinguishing tanks from BMPs or BMDs with real-time accuracy.

The team leader, Maksym Radchenko, said the app analyzes aspects like aspect ratio, barrel thickness, and turret position. Already tested on the front lines, the team plans to expand the analytical database and optimize calculation accuracy for better recognition.

Revolutionizing 3D Graphics with Utahpot

Students from Lviv Polytechnic National University’s IT Sales Management program have developed the Utahpot project, an innovative solution for introducing advanced 3D graphics based on the WebGPU graphics API in web browsers. Their special library, utahpot.js, allows developers to create intricate 3D product models or games with modern graphics directly in browsers without the need for extensive 3D software knowledge. The library provides accessible templates, simplifying 3D graphics development for frontend developers, ensuring high-quality visuals without diving into complex code.

Pioneering Education in Tech

Over the past seven years, Lviv IT Cluster, in collaboration with tech companies, has modernized 19 bachelor’s programs at four universities in Lviv. These initiatives aim to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.