Mini Masterchef: Jamie Oliver’s Son Wows With Cooking Skills

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s 12-year-old son, Buddy, has been making waves online with his adorable cooking demonstrations. In a recent throwback video shared by Jamie, Buddy can be seen making tuna pasta, which even got a ‘like’ from A-lister Jennifer Aniston.

Buddy Cooks Up a Storm

In another video, Jamie shared a clip of Buddy whipping up fajitas when he was just ten years old. The video shows Buddy displaying his impressive knife skills while chopping onions and peppers, as well as his excellent food hygiene skills as he separates the meat and vegetables. Buddy also delivers a series of zingy one-liners and jokes.

The video delighted followers and fans of the young chef, including supermodel Helena Christensen. Other fans praised Buddy for his cooking skills and humor.

Jamie’s Proud Parent Moment

Buddy has become a sensation in the kitchen, showing off his cooking skills on camera with confidence and creativity. He has gained thousands of views and likes on social media with his fajita recipe, and has even started his own YouTube channel called Cooking Buddies, where he shares cooking tips, knife skills, and kitchen hacks, while also demonstrating how to make a variety of dishes. Buddy’s YouTube channel has 133,000 subscribers and was launched two years ago when he was only 10 years old. Jamie Oliver occasionally joins Buddy in his videos, and the two have been seen making fresh pasta at home together

Jamie, who rose to fame at 23 with his show The Naked Chef, shared the video proudly on Instagram with his 9.3 million followers on Instagram, captioning it as another recipe from his boy that will make a great dinner for the family. He also highlighted that fajitas are always a big hit in their house.

Jamie shares five children with his wife, Jools, including Buddy, as well as Poppy, 20, Daisy, 19, Petal, 13, and River, six. Buddy is not the only celebrity child to take an interest in cooking. The trend is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more children developing an interest in cooking and sharing their creations online.