Minister Gregoire Owona dances at the Balafon Festival concert in Cameroon


Yaoundé’s Noa Village recently played host to the second edition of the Nja’nja M’ndzang International Balafon Festival, which concluded on Saturday, April 15th with an impressive concert featuring a variety of talented artists. The event was attended by several high-profile figures, including Gregoire Owona, Minister of Labor and Welfare, and Yannick Noah, organizer of the festival.

Successful Second Edition

The second edition of the festival was deemed to be more successful than the first, with partners and attendees alike praising the quality of the performances and events. According to Hilaire Pankui De Ba Banga, the head of the festival, the event was a testament to the hard work and energy put in by the organizers. He expressed his excitement for the future, stating that “Next year we will come back with much more determination to have the balafon dancing within us.”

Exciting Performances and Events

The festival featured a range of events and activities, including conferences, media libraries, cultural mediation, and master classes in balafons, percussion, and saxophone. The highlight of the festival, however, was undoubtedly the impressive concert that concluded the event. Senegalese artist Ali Keita wowed the audience with his performance, prompting Minister Gregoire Owona to even join in the festivities and dance a few steps to the cheers of the audience. The event also featured performances by a variety of other talented artists, including Sally Nyolo, Ba Banga Nyeck, Lucas Niggli and Jan Galega, Harrisland, and the group ShadAfrica from Italy.

In conclusion, the Nja’nja M’ndzang International Balafon Festival was a huge success, drawing in large crowds and featuring a range of exciting performances and events. The festival’s organizers and partners are already looking forward to next year’s event, promising to return with even more energy and determination.