Morocco’s fresh strawberry exports hit a record milestone, generating up to $70 million in annual revenue


According to current data from East Fruit, Morocco’s strawberry exports have reached a new historical peak, bringing in between $40 and $70 million annually. One of the top 10 exports from Morocco continues to be fresh strawberries.

Fresh strawberry exports from the nation to the international market were anticipated to reach 22,400 tonnes in 2022, up 17% from the previous year. Moroccan exports of blueberries have increased by 28% during 2017, further demonstrating the country’s efforts to diversify its sources.

Almost three-quarters of Morocco’s strawberry exports go to Spain, which has become one of the main markets for the fruit since 2017. Over the next five years, though, Spain’s market share decreased to more than 20%. In the meantime, Moroccan strawberry exports to the Middle East rose by 8% from 0.5%.

Among the Middle Eastern nations that have been significant consumers of Moroccan goods are the UAE and Qatar. About half of Morocco’s strawberry exports went to the UK in 2022, making it another important market.

Fresh strawberries continue to be one of the most important exportable fruits and vegetables from Morocco, and their exports have been expanding significantly over time. The nation’s achievement in expanding strawberry exports and diversifying its sources of supply is a result of its efforts to develop its agricultural industry.

The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture has engaged in a number of projects to increase the nation’s competitiveness in the international market in an effort to spur economic growth. This entails creating new irrigation systems, enhancing infrastructure, and assisting small and medium-sized farmers.

To improve the yield and quality of their strawberry crops, Moroccan farmers have also been investing in research and development. These efforts have produced strawberries of excellent quality, which are in high demand on the global market.

Morocco’s success in the international strawberry market is not only a noteworthy accomplishment for the nation, but it also emphasizes the rising demand for fresh produce around the world. There is likely to be an increase in demand for premium fresh produce from nations like Morocco as consumers become more aware of the health advantages of these goods.