Mukura Victory Sports Scouting Young Talent in Cameroon


Mukura Victory Sports’ Managing Director, Protais Musoni, has travelled to Cameroon to scout for young, talented players ahead of the upcoming transfer window. Musoni is part of the high profile personalities at the high-profile Chedjou Sports Consulting Tournament. He is in search of players who could be signed to play for Mukura Victory Sports in the Rwandan League.

The tournament is an excellent opportunity for Musoni to observe young players and assess their skills. He expressed his desire to see how young players evolve in Cameroon and search for those who have the potential to play in the Rwandan League. He also acknowledged that Cameroonian players have made a significant impact in the Rwandan League, and he hopes to find more talent that can further strengthen his team.

Cameroonian players like Leandre Willy Onana Essomba, Maxwell Djoumekou, and Victor Murdah have set a high standard for the Rwandan League, which has drawn the attention of other clubs in the region.

Strengthening the positions

Mukura Victory Sports is currently in the 8th position on the league table with 34 points after 24 games. As the team looks to improve their position, Musoni’s trip to Cameroon signifies the club’s commitment to strengthening their squad ahead of the transfer window. By identifying young talent in Cameroon, the club hopes to acquire players who can make a significant impact on the team’s performance and lead them to success in the upcoming seasons.

Mukura Victory Sports, also known as Mukura, is a football club based in Butare, Rwanda, founded in May 1963. They compete in the Rwanda Premier League and play at Stade Huye. They are known for nurturing young players, including former captain Nshimiyimana Canisius who is now an assistant coach, and have a youth system with over 45 players aged 11 to 18. Gashugi Abdul Kareem’s success, who currently plays for Kiyovu SC, is another result of the club’s youth system.