Nigerian Entrepreneur Converts Minibuses into Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles


Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo, a 31-year-old entrepreneur, has made remarkable strides in the field of renewable energy by transforming petrol-powered minibuses into solar-powered electric vehicles. Originally based in Borno state, Gajibo has now established a brand-new workshop in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, where he designs and manufactures these eco-friendly vehicles.

Addressing Cost of Living and Environmental Concerns

Gajibo’s venture was primarily motivated by two pressing concerns: the rising cost of living and the need to combat environmental challenges. He recognized the detrimental impact of fuel price fluctuations and the negative effects of traditional vehicles on the environment. Consequently, he embarked on the development of electric vehicles as a solution to these problems.

Overcoming Challenges to Pursue His Dream

Having dropped out of university to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, Gajibo founded Phoenix Renewable Energy, his own company. In 2017, he began constructing electric vehicles, gradually gaining recognition and experience in the field. However, his journey was not without obstacles, including challenges related securing funding. Nonetheless, Gajibo remained determined to succeed.

Expanding the Reach of Electric Vehicles

Gajibo envisions expanding the use of electric buses not only in Nigeria but also in neighboring countries. He revealed that his project has already attracted interest from individuals in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, and Guinea Bissau. Gajibo proudly showcased his electric vehicle model designed for short-range mass transit, featuring a seven-seat capacity and a range of 210 kilometers on a single charge. Moreover, the vehicle offers the option of battery swapping, which significantly reduces charging time.

Gajibo’s achievements extend beyond his entrepreneurial success. By showcasing the potential of renewable energy and sustainable transportation in Borno state he has provided a beacon of progress. With his innovative approach and determination, Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo is revolutionizing the automotive industry and inspiring others to embrace renewable energy solutions.