Rare Pink Flamingos Settle in Tuzly Estuaries National Park, Odesa region


Rare pink flamingos, numbering up to 500, have made their home in Tuzly Estuaries National Park and established nesting sites, according to a report by the park. These graceful birds have chosen the park’s “beach” area as their nesting place, seeking refuge from the military unrest in the Kherson region. Despite the need to relocate, the Odesa region provides the ideal conditions for the flamingos, with its shallow estuaries abundant in food, muddy shores, and favorable weather.

Promoting Coexistence and Conservation Efforts

The park’s dedicated staff is actively involved in distributing information leaflets and conducting educational initiatives to raise awareness among the local population about coexisting harmoniously with the flamingos. Unfortunately, some individuals continue to engage in disruptive behavior that threatens the birds’ nesting places.

Preserving Nesting Sites and Encouraging Understanding

The park’s administration emphasizes the importance of conscious behaviour and seeks support from the community in preserving the unique nesting places of these rare pink flamingos. While there are individuals who are picnicking too close to the nests, the park workers believe that the majority of locals understand the significance of this rare phenomenon.

Protecting a Threatened Species

Pink flamingos are classified as endangered and are listed in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Their presence in Tuzly Estuaries National Park highlights the need for collaborative efforts to protect and preserve these majestic birds. By ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed environment for the flamingos, the park aims to contribute to the joint protection of this species.

In overall, the settlement of up to 500 rare pink flamingos in Tuzly Estuaries National Park is a remarkable occurrence. The park’s dedication to promoting coexistence, raising awareness, and preserving the nesting places of these endangered birds is crucial for their survival. By working together, people can safeguard the future of these magnificent creatures and celebrate their presence in our natural environment.