Satellites and Precision Agriculture Offer Solutions to Global Food Security


More than one billion people worldwide suffer from moderate or severe food insecurity, and the United Nations predicts that food demand will only continue to rise. However, space technology can help improve the efficiency of agriculture and increase production to tackle this pressing issue.

The Benefits of Precision Agriculture

Farmers can now use satellites to gather real-time data and achieve enhanced autonomy, monitoring, and data management. This practice is known as precision agriculture and has been shown to boost yields by up to 6%, reduce fertilizer use by up to 14%, and cut water consumption by up to 21%.

Many major agricultural companies such as John Deere, Bayer AG, and NASA Harvest have adopted satellite technology to help farmers. With advancements in satellite technology and reduced launch costs, Northern Sky Research estimates that around 35,000 satellites will be launched over the next decade, up from 3,000 operational satellites in 2020.

The Potential of Satellites

Satellites have the potential to provide farmers with crucial data to help them optimize their crops. They can monitor soil moisture, nutrient levels, and crop health, which can help farmers make informed decisions about when to irrigate, fertilize, and harvest. Furthermore, satellite technology can help detect and prevent crop disease and pest outbreaks by spotting changes in vegetation patterns that can indicate a problem.

Satellites can also facilitate better land use management, helping farmers to optimize their land and increase productivity. By providing data on soil type and topography, farmers can use precision agriculture to plant crops in the most suitable areas and avoid damaging the land through overuse.

Satellite technologies and precision agriculture offer promising solutions to global food security. By providing farmers with real-time data and tools to optimize their crops, we can work towards a more sustainable and secure food system for all.