South African Film “Homeland: A Song for Refugees” Makes Waves at Cannes


A South African film titled “Homeland: A Song for Refugees” has garnered high praise and accolades at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The film, directed by Firdoze Bulbulia and Faith Isiakpere, with the theme song written by respected songwriter and composer Neil Solomon, has already received invitations to be screened at multiple international film festivals.

Shining a Spotlight on the Global Refugee Crisis

The film focuses on the escalating global refugee crisis and aims to challenge the prevailing negative perceptions associated with displaced individuals. It advocates for a shift in attitudes and calls for empathy and acceptance towards refugees. At the Cannes Film Festival, a panel discussion was convened to further explore the film’s themes and discuss the plight of refugees around the world.

The Turquoise Harmony Institute in Johannesburg is thrilled with the success of “Homeland: A Song for Refugees.” The institute expressed immense pride that this transformative documentary was showcased at the illustrious 72nd Cannes Film Festival on May 22.

Following its positive reception at Cannes, the film has been extended invitations to several other film festivals in California, Toronto, and Cameroon. This wider reach allows the film to amplify its vital message and raise awareness about the refugee crisis on a global scale.

Ayhan Çetin, the director of the Turquoise Harmony Institute, emphasized the institute’s commitment to reaching out to those who are suffering. He stated that the screening of “Homeland: A Song for Refugees” aligns perfectly with their aim to shed light on the challenges faced by refugees, especially as the crisis intensifies and families are torn apart.

Using Music and Art as a Force for Change

By showcasing the resilience, strength, and shared humanity of refugees, the film aims to replace fear and misunderstanding with empathy and acceptance. The Turquoise Harmony Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering peace, understanding, and tolerance among diverse cultures and faiths.
“We believe in the power of music and art and envision this documentary to serve not only as a piece of art, but also as an educational platform. We express our gratitude to everyone involved in the project, each played a significant role in amplifying the voice of refugees and highlighting their experiences.” – Ayhan Çetin said