Text Message to the Wrong Number Turned into a Beautiful Love Story


A simple text message to the wrong number changed the lives of Brenda Rivera and Isiah Stearns. In 2009, Brenda Rivera sent a Bible verse meant for her friend to the wrong number in 2009, which landed on Isaiah Stearns’ phone.

The message was “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit…” Brenda apologised for the mistake, but Isaiah was convinced that it was not a coincidence. “I viewed it as, this is another person who can help me in my walk with God,” said Isaiah. He called Brenda the next day, leaving a voicemail expressing his appreciation for the message. In the message, he said that the Bible verse Brenda sent had lifted his day and made him smile. Brenda was hesitant at first but decided to call him back. “I could just tell he was very genuine. So I decided OK — I’m gonna call him back,’” Brenda said. They found that they lived just 50 minutes apart.

Brenda pictured herself with a different type of man, someone with dark skin, curly hair, and who loved salsa dancing, which was the opposite of Isaiah’s appearance and interests, but love works in mysterious ways.  She fell in love with Isaiah, despite the fact that they were physically far apart. They spent hours on the phone. After a few dates, Brenda introduced Isiah to her family. Brenda’s mother, who met Isaiah during a visit, said “You’re going to marry this guy.”

Brenda and Isaiah have now been married for almost 13 years, and they have six children: Victoria, Veronica, Samuel, Vanessa, Benjamin, and Ezra. Brenda couldn’t imagine having such a big family without him by her side. Brenda describes Isaiah as the perfect husband and father, and while he now has a full head of hair, he still can’t dance.

Sometimes, a small mistake can lead to big changes. Their love story is a reminder that love knows no boundaries and can bring people together despite their differences.