Ukrainian Minister visits Odesa to discuss land reclamation and irrigation


Mykola Solskyi, the Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, recently visited six irrigation systems in the Odesa region to discuss issues related to land reclamation and fisheries. The areas visited included the Bilhorod-Dnistrovska, Danube-Dnistrovska, Suvorovska, Izmailska, Tatarbunarska, Kiliyska, Hromadskyi, and Danube-Sasyk canals. During the meeting, Solskyi discussed the development of land reclamation in Odesa Oblast, the implementation of comprehensive reform in this sector, and opportunities to increase irrigated land use by creating water user organizations.

The participants also reviewed measures to provide the region with water, including the need to clear canals and provide water to the Danube lakes. Solskyi noted that the implementation of the reclamation reform allows farmers to attract investments for the development and modernization of reclamation infrastructure, increase the efficiency of its use, and increase irrigated areas, thereby preventing soil degradation.

With over 5.5 million hectares of reclaimed land, Ukraine will need to restore irrigation of more than 1 million hectares after the war. Solskyi emphasized that significant investments will be needed to build new irrigation systems and restore existing ones. The land reclamation reform aims to allow farmers to attract investment on their own to develop and modernize infrastructure, thus improving the efficiency of its use, increasing irrigated areas, and preventing soil degradation.

To date, 15 water user organizations have been established, with nine already registered in the Unified State Register, one in the drainage zone, and all others in the irrigation zone. By creating water user organizations, Ukraine aims to increase the efficient use of irrigated land, which will lead to the improved growth and yield of crops.

Water shortages have been a significant problem in Ukraine in recent years, particularly in the eastern regions, due to the conflict with Russia. Climate change and population growth have also affected water availability in the region. Ukraine is currently seeking to expand its irrigation network and improve water supply to its farmers. The country is making efforts to modernize its irrigation infrastructure, increase its irrigated areas, and improve the efficiency of water use.

The establishment of water user organizations and the implementation of comprehensive land reclamation reform will allow Ukraine to achieve these objectives, attracting investments for the development of modern infrastructure, the expansion of irrigated areas, and the prevention of soil degradation.