Vibrant Transformation of Walls: Artist Kevin Bongang’s Colorful Murals


The once plain white brick wall now a lively mural depicting a burger, a peach, ATL, a music note, and a french fry is showcased. The artwork, painted in vibrant oranges, greens, and yellows, had transformed the building into a captivating work of art. This incredible mural is the creation of artist Kevin Bongang, renowned for his colorful and playful masterpieces.

From Africa to Atlanta: The Journey of Kevin Bongang

Born in Cameroon, West-Central Africa, Bongang spent his childhood surrounded by the beaches of Limbe, where his mother grew up. These coastal memories instilled in him a lighthearted beachy vibe that is reflected in his art. At the age of 12, Bongang’s family relocated to Savannah, Georgia. His passion for art developed from a young age, influenced by vibrant cartoons like Looney Tunes and the colors they featured.

During his college years, Bongang delved into the world of art history, drawing inspiration from artists like Picasso and Kandinsky. Contemporary graffiti writers and beloved cartoon characters like Sponge Bob Square Pants also played a role in shaping his artistic vision. Bongang’s unique style is characterized by abstract color exploration, incorporating shapes, characters, and layered imagery. His compositions often incorporate references to African art and masks, adding depth and cultural significance to his work.

Bongang’s Positive Influence and Color Therapy

For Bongang, art is not only therapeutic but also a means of expression and escape. Through his vibrant color choices, he conveys different emotions and challenges societal constructs associated with certain colors. Pink, for example, was once considered too feminine, but Bongang has embraced it as a symbol of nurturing women in his life.

Living in Brunswick, Georgia, Bongang has reached success in various cities across the Southeast, as well as California. He has collaborated with renowned brands such as Google, Starbucks, and MARTA. Bongang’s dream is to bring his art to the streets of Atlanta, particularly along the Atlanta BeltLine and Living Walls. He aspires to collaborate with influential musicians like Outkast to create captivating murals in the city.

Bongang’s work not only adds vibrancy and beauty to the urban landscape but also inspires and uplifts viewers. His use of color and positive text elements resonates with audiences, spreading joy and leaving a lasting impact.

Kevin Bongang’s artistic journey from Africa to Atlanta has brought a burst of color and positivity to the walls and streets. Through his expressive murals, he continues to captivate audiences, inspire creativity, and leave his mark on the artistic landscape.