Viral moments and social media are changing the fashion industry


Fashion shows have evolved to become more than just a display of clothes. With the influence of social media, designers are now focusing on creating memorable experiences that will go viral and attract attention.

The use of social media has become a key element in the way fashion markets develop. Brands are now using the platform to create content that will stand out and attract attention.

Eye-catching shows 

During the Coperni SS23 show, a dress was painted on model Bella Hadid’s body in real time. This went viral and searches for Coperni increased by 3,000%, making it the most searched brand of the fashion weeks held in September. Since then, designers have followed suit by creating eye-catching shows that will capture social media’s attention.

During Heliot Emil’s FW23 show titled “Connected Forms” in Paris, a model engulfed in flames appeared on stage, reminiscent of the Hunger Games. The “Man on Fire” look quickly went viral, with the video of the look reaching over 1.2 million views and more than 34k likes. The brand also shared each of its 35 looks on its social media, with guests at the show posting their own videos of the fashion moment on their personal profiles, which the brand highlighted on its own profile. This made the look go viral as many of the guests were influencers.

Avavav, a brand based in Florence and Stockholm, presented its fall/winter 2023 collection titled “Fake It Till You Break It” during Paris Fashion Week. The title was a declaration of intent against the fashion industry as we know it. The collection was visually striking, with garments torn to pieces on the catwalk. At the end of the show, creative director Beate Karlsson took the stage, and the wall behind her collapsed, revealing what looked like a clandestine textile factory, a reference to fast fashion.

Tokyo-based fashion brand, Anrealage, showcased their latest collection during Fashion Week 2023, featuring UV-sensitive fabrics that change color in real-time. The collection aimed to showcase the duality of two worlds, highlighting the different perspectives of individuals. The collection has garnered over 326k views and 17.7k likes in individual reels in just under five days.

Coperni, a fashion brand that has set high standards, showcased their FW23 collection with robot dogs that interacted with models. Their fashion show recap has amassed over 354k views and 16.7k likes on Instagram, while on YouTube, the video has only over 1000 views and 31 likes, indicating a shift towards shorter vertical formats. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s ‘reels’ have gained momentum.

Social media has changed the way fashion shows are presented, and designers are now creating shows that are visually striking. By creating viral moments, designers can attract attention to their brand and create a lasting impact.